Cynthia McCaffety Piano

                     Holidays & Events 2019 - 2020         as of 09/01/2019

Events marked with ?? will be determined as soon as possible

 Sept 2
 Labor Day Weekend Holidays
 Oct 31
Halloween: No Lessons
 Nov 9
Romantic/Contemp. Auditions: Lessons will be rescheduled later same day
 Nov 26 - 30
Thanksgiving Break
 Dec 8 (DELETED)
 No Winter Recital 
 Dec 23 - Jan 3
 Winter Break: No Lessons
 Feb 24 - 26 Mon-Wed
 Mardi Gras Break: No Lessons
 Mar 28  
NOMTA Piano Rally (written) No Lessons
 April 25 NOMTA Piano Rally (performance} No Lessons

 May 17 tentative
 **SPRING RECITAL** and Awards
 May 30
 Memorial Day
 May 25 - 30 Mon - Sat
 Make-Up Week: No regularly scheduled lessons
 July-August No lessons: My 2nd knee surgery


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” -Arthur O’Shaughnessy