Cynthia McCaffety Piano

                     Holidays & Events 2018 - 2019         as of 12/19/18

 Sept 3
 Labor Day Weekend Holidays
 Nov 10 - 11
 Romantic Contemporary Auditions
 Nov 20 – 24
 Thanksgiving Week Holidays
 Dec 24 - Jan 4
 Winter Holidays
 Jan 27
Tulane Recital Hall 3:00 pm
 Mar 1 and Mar 4-6
 Mardi Gras Holidays
 Mar 16
 Bach Contest at Ursuline Academy 
 Apr 15 - 20
My Spring Break
 Apr 6
 NOMTA Piano Rally (written) at Loyola
 May 4
 NOMTA Piano Rally (performance} at Loyola
 May 6
 Spring Recital  tentative
 July 4
 Independence Day

° Schedule

I am now using the Make-Up Credit option on the new website. If you cancel at least 18 hours before your lesson time, you will receive a make-up credit (not for a cash refund but for a make-up lesson.) These are good for 2 months. It is your responsibility to go online and schedule your own make-ups using available times. If you cannot use the website, text me. With the new system, student cancellations automatically create an available make-up spot! Yay! This makes it even more helpful for you to cancel as soon as you know you can't make it.

° Tuition

Each year (Aug-July) I will schedule a specific number of lessons (this year 38) at a set rate per lesson. To this yearly total, I add $50 for supplies for the year. This covers music/lesson books, printer paper, ink, etc. The total of lessons and supplies is then divided by 12. That amount is due on the first of each month, every month. This tuition payment reserves the lesson time for your child. 

No refunds will be given. I have allowed for 7 student/teacher sick days in the calculations. Available make-up spots come up from week to week and may be reserved by parents online. These spots, which open up when other students cancel in advance, will be there online for any parent who takes the initiative to sign up. To be totally clear, I will schedule no fewer than 38 lessons for your child between Aug 1 and July 31. Your tuition payment reserves that time for you. It is up to you if you wish to schedule make-ups as they come up on the online calendar. I do not guarantee that your child will attend 38 lessons--only that I will schedule that number.

Current rates: please contact me.

Late Fee: $10.00 after the 15th.

Payments may be made by cash, check, Venmo, or Chase QuickPay. Please make every effort to remember your payment on the first lesson of the month. 

° Missed Lessons and Make-up Lessons

Please try to notify me of a lesson cancellation as soon as you know about a conflict. I have changed the advance required from 24 hours to 18 hours, to allow for bed-time notices from soccer coaches.  Later than 18 hours means I will not be able to offer your spot for make-ups and no make-up credit will be given.  “No-shows” and same-day cancellations will not qualify for a make-up lesson. After 3 no-shows without notice, the lesson time will be given to another student.

° Teacher Absence

Teacher illness days have been computed into the annual lesson total, so no deductions for teacher absence will be given. Lessons will be scheduled during the summer or during teacher vacation to bring the annual total lessons to 38.

° Music Books and Supplies

Whenever possible, new students will be furnished with lesson books, a binder, and a bag at the first lesson. An annual supply fee of $50 will be assessed. It is prorated and included in the monthly fee.

° Recitals

Studio recitals are held in winter and spring. Participation is not required but is encouraged. The spring recital is our graduation celebration and includes trophies for participating students. A recital fee may be assessed depending upon the cost of the venue we are able to secure. It will be added to your monthly bill in December or January and May.

° Summer Lessons

I strongly encourage all students to continue lessons throughout the summer. My experience has shown that summers off result in major losses of hard-earned skills and finger strength.


“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein